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Sunday, 14 May 2017 00:00


Barbell at 9 a.m.





After completing “Cindy” on Friday, a few of you expressed that the WOD made you realize how many more rounds you will have to do in a few weeks during Murph and it was maybe a little less than encouraging.  Something to realize about Murph is it is a way different ball game than Cindy.  It’s going to be a grind and you’re going to mentally attack it as a grind.  When you see a 20 minute AMRAP, you know you are restricted on time and have a  different mentality about the WOD.  YES, you are going to get through Murph just fine no matter how you felt on Friday.  




Hopefully, “Cindy” helped you to figure out a game plan for Murph though.  First thing to do is look at how many rounds you got during Cindy.  If you were going at that same pace on Memorial Day, how long could you estimate all 20 rounds taking you?  




Then look at your pacing.  Did you pace? If you noticed that you busted out 5 rounds in 5 minutes and then fell HARD off of that, you may need to pace better from the beginning and hold yourself back but just a little!  Obviously, everyone is going to experience some fatigue but we want to keep this less of a sprint and more of a marathon….If you did stay consistent, could you tighten your breaks up?




Which movement did you struggle with the most?  A lot of people are going to say the push ups.  If a set of 10 is pushing it, but you can manage for a couple rounds. Think about breaking them up with a short rest from the very beginning.  If you kept track of how long you needed to rest, try to decide if it was needed in order to not fail or if you could cut that shorter on Murph day.  If you got to failure on the push ups, you need more rest time.  Try to not jump the gun and waste energy on a failed rep.  You can start to take a closer look at this in the weeks coming during your push up program.  Something I noticed was people taking rest between the push ups and the air squats. Two different muscle groups. YOU DON’T NEED IT. Even if you do the first couple of squats a little slower, get them started so you keep moving.




I got some good feedback about the run immediately after.  Even though we didn’t do the full mile, beginning that run wasn’t daunting.  You will have already completed a mile plus all the reps, but you can begin to move your feet right after that last squat.  The sooner you start, the sooner it’s over…it’s the truth.




Take your mind out of it as much as you can.  During Cindy you knew your end time was 20 minutes.  For Murph you have to chip away at rounds and I’d like for you to refrain from seeing how many you’ve done after EVERY round.  Don’t think about how many you have to do, focus on how many you’ve already completed. Try to think of them in sets of 5 rounds at least.




Lastly, you do this workout in memory of a fallen soldier so the grind is worth it!


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