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Athlete of the Month

Barbell at 9 a.m.




How long have you been at CFVF? 

I started coming to CFVF part time in the summer of 2016, but became a regular member in September 2016.

What is your athletic/exercise background? 

I have always enjoyed high intensity cardio workouts prior to CFVF.  I played basketball in high school.  Before coming to CFVF, I had never done a lot of weightlifting or barbell work. 

What are your current goals? 

This year I want to work on the fundamental movements and skills.  I want to become more comfortable with the barbell movements, specifically the cleans and snatches.  Additionally, I want to become consistent and efficient with my double unders, toes to bar and handstand pushups.

What is your favorite non-CrossFit activity? 

I love going to the beach, hiking, shopping and any activity that involves my three year old twins.

What is your favorite food/meal? 

Nachos or anything Mexican.  Actually, anything that is cheesy always wins in my book!  

What is your favorite CrossFit WOD, exercise, or lift? 

I love burpees!!  Now that I can do a handstand pushup I get really excited for a WOD that includes them.

What is your least favorite WOD, exercise, or lift? 

Rowing & wallballs.  That combination kills me every time!

What is your favorite thing about CFVF? 

The people.  The CFVF community has been wonderful, everyone is so friendly, welcoming and motivating.  I truly enjoy the friendships that I have made.  Also the coaches have been amazing.  Crossfit can be pretty intimidating for someone like me that had no barbell background or some of the other skill work used consistently in the WODs.  However, the coaches have been awesome at working with me on my technique and helping me build confidence in myself.  They never judge and only want to help you reach your goals.  My second favorite thing is our Nutrition Challenge Cheat Happy Hours!!!

What is something most people don't know about you? 

When I first started, I was obsessed with flipping a tire!  Erin always told me that it may be fun but hitting a heavy power clean, getting my toes to bar or another movement would be a lot more satisfying than flipping the tire.  On a business trip to California, I did flip a tire and I was super excited.  However, Erin was right, when I got my first RX handstand pushup I felt way more satisfied and proud of myself.

What changes have you seen in yourself physically/mentally since starting CrossFit? 

Stronger, physically and mentally.  I used to be intimidated by certain workouts or movements and would be afraid to try.  Now that I have the confidence to not let it intimidate me and at least give it a try, anything that challenges me will only help me get better. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when I am able to RX a workout and do a movement that I have never been able to do before, like handstand pushups. Physically, I have definitely noticed myself get more toned.  In the words of Matt Kita, my arms are starting to look “yoked”.

What advice would you give to someone just starting CrossFit? 

At the beginning it can be intimidating, for me it was not just the workouts but even entering the gym at first can be overwhelming.  However, it will be one of the best challenges you have ever given yourself and totally worth it.  You will not always be the fastest, strongest or be able to do all of the movements in the workout but don’t let that frustrate you.  With time, practice and a lot of help from the coaches you will be able to do a workout RX or a gymnastics movement in a workout and it will be one of the most satisfying feelings! 


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