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Dylan Meanix

Dylan Meanix grew up in a competitive family where push-up contests and 
arguments about what pull-ups were up to standard were common whenever 
they were together.  He played normal American sports growing up like 
baseball, soccer and wrestling.  When he hit High School he was 'too cool 
for school' and aside from indoor soccer, stayed away from organized 
sports.  Skateboarding, snowboarding and anything else that cried "I AM 
UNIQUE" was more is style.  The next thing he knew he was 27 and his knees 
hurt.  At the time he thought it was because the physical demands of his 
job, but really it was because he was overweight.  He was also 

He started riding bikes and training and competing in triathlons, but it 
just wasn't right.  His uncle persuaded him to try Crossfit and he did his 
first workout 'Nicole'.  He was really proud of his score of 37.  Shortly 
after falling in love, he got his Endurance cert and learned many things 
including how to run, how to eat, how to foam roll,  how to rest, how to 
recover and that Crossfit is full of great people.  His Level I followed 
and then finished (for now) with his Mobility Cert with KStarr.  He has 
competed in everything from local throw downs to the Mid Atlantic 
Regionals in 2011.  He loves Crossfit because of the positive effects it 
has on you body and mind but mostly for the friends he's made. 

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